Getting to Know More about Gothic Lifestyle: Gothic Fictions

Getting to Know More about Gothic Lifestyle: Gothic Fictions

Anything goes with Gothic word including Gothic fictions is always interesting to some people especially Gothic lovers.

Gothic Fictions refer to the writing style. Have you ever heard about this?

Gothic Fictions: The Definition and Characteristics

This writing style has certain characters, such as horrors, death, gloom, romantic, individuality, high emotion, and nature. People who read Gothic fictions will feel the emotions of suspense and fear. The setting in this kind of writing is old with gloomy houses and dilapidated buildings. Spooky and lifeless landscapes often appear in this kind of fiction. Some fictions will involve vampires and monsters that bring death and suffer to people. Some fictions purely tell about suffering and fear.

Gothic Fiction: the history

This kind of writing began in the 1700s. The story called The Castle of Otranto that was written in 1764 was the first to consider Gothic Fiction. This story is about death, intrigue, and desire. Why does the term Gothic come to a writing style? This kind of writing was born when the art and architecture were decaying, dismal, and dark.

Gothic Fiction: the ideas to read

If you want to know more about Gothic Fictions, you can read the works of Edgar Allan Poe—one of the famous authors of this genre. You can read The Tell-Tale Heart—a tale about murder, irony, and guilt. Or you also can read The Raven, a poem about a man’s madness descent.

More about this kind of fiction is the Gothic Novel which has more elements to know. This kind of novel can be said to be invented by Horace Walpole since his work The Castle of Otranto was the first to meet the characters as mentioned before.

More about Gothic Fictions: the novels

The setting in this kind of novel is a castle or an old mansion. An ancient prophecy, omens, vision, and portents will appear in this kind of novel. Of course, the senses of mystery and suspense will be in this novel genre. The writer will write about metonymy of horror and gloom. Emotion is very high in the story. Female characters in the novel will be in distress. The male characters are often impulsive, tyrannical, and powerful that make the female characters threatened. Some Gothic stories may have supernatural events.

Romance as mentioned before can be in the Gothic stories. A powerful love in this kind of story can be so heart-stirring. The commitment of a couple can involve life or death. An uncertain love is one of the elements that can make the characters wonder if the person he/she loves has the same feeling or not. Some novels will tell about the love in vain temporarily but returned at the end. The love with father’s disapproval often appears in Gothic stories. Rivalry in winning a woman’s or a man’s heart is also the characteristic of gothic stories. Two lovers who suffer from separation can be explained in Gothic stories. An evil can fall in love with a woman and tend to hurt her to express his lust and desires.

What do you think? Don’t you think it’s interesting to read a Gothic novel? It is great if the article about Gothic Fictions does give you the inspiration.

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